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Artisanal Vermouth: The new trend in beverages

This aperitif, with its roots deeply rooted in history and tradition, is experiencing a renaissance, thanks to the passion and innovation of artisanal producers who are rediscovering and redefining Vermouth. In this post, we’ll explore how craft Vermouth is making waves in the beverage industry and why it’s gaining so much traction with consumers.

Artisanal vermouth What is it?

Artisanal vermouth is a category of vermouth that emphasizes quality, tradition, and individuality in its production process. Unlike industrial or mass-produced versions, artisanal vermouth is characterized by the careful selection of ingredients, the use of unique recipes, and often, the production in small quantities. Here are some key aspects that define artisanal vermouth:

Natural and high quality ingredients

Artisanal vermouth is made from quality base wine, to which various botanicals, herbs, spices and sometimes fruits are added. These ingredients are carefully selected for their freshness and origin, prioritizing organic and local when possible. Commonly used herbs and spices include wormwood, which is essential to any vermouth, along with cardamom, cinnamon, and citrus peels, among others.

Artisanal production processes

The production of artisanal vermouth involves less automated and more personal methods. Many artisanal producers use traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. This can include hand maceration of the botanicals, hand blending and adjusting the vermouth by hand, and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Creativity and experimentation

One of the hallmarks of artisanal vermouth is the willingness to experiment with recipes and flavors. Artisanal producers often play with different combinations of botanicals and flavor profile adjustments to create unique vermouths. This has led to an impressive diversity within the category, with vermouths ranging from very dry to sweet, and aromatic profiles that can be floral, herbaceous, spicy, or a complex mix of these.

Focus on sustainability

Many artisanal vermouth producers also place a strong emphasis on sustainability, both in their choice of ingredients and production practices. This may include the use of sustainably grown grapes for the base wine, responsible harvesting of wild botanicals, and production practices that minimize environmental impact.

Experience and personal connection

Artisanal vermouth offers not only a product, but an experience. Behind every bottle is a story: the vision of the producer, the history of the ingredients, and the care put into its creation. This adds intangible value to artisanal vermouth, connecting the consumer with the artisanal process and the people behind the product.

An Aromatic Renaissance

Vermouth, that drink flavored with herbs and spices, has long been a mainstay of aperitif culture in countries such as Italy and Spain. However, the rise of artisanal Vermouth has taken this traditional drink to new horizons, introducing it into bars and homes around the world with a modern and sophisticated touch.

Craftsmanship in the Heart

What distinguishes artisanal Vermouth from its industrial counterparts is undoubtedly the meticulous attention to detail in its production. Artisanal producers carefully select each ingredient, from base wine varieties to local herbs and spices, often grown organically or gathered in wild environments. This careful selection results in Vermouths of complex and nuanced flavors, each reflecting the terroir and uniqueness of its origin.

Artisanal Vermouth is a fusion of reverence for tradition and a drive for innovation. While some producers are dedicated to reviving old recipes, others experiment with new flavor combinations, introducing unusual ingredients or avant-garde production techniques. This balance between old and new has led to an explosion of varieties and flavor profiles, from herbaceous and floral notes to bitter and sweet nuances, satisfying a wide range of palates.

Artisanal vermouth in cocktail culture

The growing popularity of artisanal Vermouth has coincided with the global renaissance of cocktail culture. Bartenders and mixologists around the world are embracing handcrafted Vermouths to create innovative and sophisticated cocktails, rediscovering classics such as the Martini or the NegroniThe new blends that highlight the complexity and versatility of this beverage have been invented.

Here are some classic and popular cocktails that use vermouth:


  • Ingredients: Gin or vodka, dry vermouth, olive or lemon peel for garnish.
  • Preparation: Mix the gin or vodka with dry vermouth in a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an olive or a lemon peel.


  • Ingredients: Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, a few drops of Angostura bitters, cherry for garnish.
  • Preparation: Mix the whiskey, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

3. Negroni

  • Ingredients: Gin, red vermouth (sweet), Campari, orange slice for garnish.
  • Preparation: Mix equal parts gin, red vermouth and Campari in a glass filled with ice. Stir well and garnish with a slice of orange.

4. American

  • Ingredients: Campari, red vermouth (sweet), soda, orange or lemon slice for garnish.
  • Preparation: Pour the Campari and vermouth in a tall glass filled with ice. Add a splash of soda and garnish with a slice of orange or lemon.

5. Boulevardier

  • Ingredients: Rye whiskey or bourbon, red vermouth (sweet), Campari.
  • Preparation: Mix the whiskey, red vermouth and Campari in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

6. Gibson

  • Ingredients: Gin, dry vermouth, pickled onions for garnish.
  • Preparation: Mix the gin and dry vermouth in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with one or two pickled onions.

Supporting local producers

Opting for artisanal Vermouth also means supporting small producers and the local economy. Many of these Vermouths come from family-owned wineries or small distilleries that place special emphasis on sustainability and responsible agricultural practices. By choosing these beverages, consumers not only enjoy exceptional quality, but also contribute to the well-being of the producing communities.

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Artisanal Vermouth is breaking new ground in the world of spirits, offering rich and varied experiences to explore. From its aromatic complexity to its versatility in mixology, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Whether enjoying a glass of artisanal Vermouth on its own or as part of an elaborate cocktail, there is a story and a tradition in every sip, inviting lovers of fine drink to immerse themselves in an unprecedented sensory journey.

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