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Natural Cider from Asturias, culture and tradition

Nobody knows Asturian cider better than Asturians. This drink is for them more than just a beverage: it is a way of life and a representation of their culture and traditions. In Asturias, natural cider is served in its most traditional form, through the art of pouring. There are many types of cider made in this region, but some of the most popular are brut ciders, ice or frosted ciders and sparkling ciders. If you want to experience the best of Asturian cider, be sure to visit one of the many cider houses in this beautiful region.

Cider: the cult of the apple

Cider has been produced in Asturias for centuries, and is considered an important part of the culture and tradition. There are many types of cider produced in this region, but Asturias natural cider is the most popular. This type of cider is made from pure apple juice, and is served using the art of pouring. If you want to experience the true flavor of Asturias, be sure to visit one of the many cider houses in the region. You will not be disappointed

Natural cider production

Its preparation is very simple and does not require large industrial resources: apple juice, water and yeast are the only ingredients. The cider makers press the apples themselves and obtain a must from which alcohol is obtained by fermentation. The final product is a natural cider with an alcohol content of between four and seven degrees.

Simple, isn’t it? The truth is that it is not so much, during the whole process we must control the fermentation so that the cider is not too acidic. In addition, the type of apples used must be taken into account, since in Asturias there are more than 30 varieties and each one gives a different result.

The art of pouring

Pouring cider is an art in itself, and is something that all Asturians are proud of.

A visit to Asturias is not complete without tasting the famous natural cider.

Types of ciders

As we have seen, there are more than 30 varieties of apples and depending on the ones selected and their process, we will obtain one or the other. Types of natural cider:

  • Brut cider: this is the most traditional type of cider. It is made with apples from the Asturian mountains and has a strong flavor.
  • Ice or frosted cider: this type of cider is made with apples that have been frozen before fermentation. This gives the cider a sweeter flavor and a higher alcohol content.
  • Sparkling cider: a type of cider that has been carbonized, which gives it a refreshing and bubbly taste.

Organic cider

In addition, for years, there have been organic apple crops that produce organic cider. The characteristics of this type of cider are very similar to those of natural cider, but it has the particularity that the apples used in its production have not been treated with pesticides or chemical products.

Depending on the type we want to consume, they will pair better with certain dishes. For example, brut cider is ideal for Asturian fabada, while iced or frosted cider goes well with desserts.

Buy Natural Cider

Cider is an important part of Asturian culture, and there are many ways to enjoy it. Be sure to visit one of the many cider houses in this beautiful region to experience the true flavor of Asturias and to be able to buy this product from the origin, but if you want to have a much more comfortable service, without having to travel, at DeGrados we have a wide range of natural ciders from Asturias for you to buy.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the natural cider of Asturias. Be sure to visit our online liquor and beverage store for more information.

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