Brandy Maximiliano

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The best holandas and wine distillates and careful aging in specially selected oak casks result in a product of intense aroma and consistent flavor.
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Brandy is a type of eau-de-vie obtained through the distillation of wine, dating back to the 12th century and became popular in the 14th century. The Dutch, the true masters of maritime transport, distributed products to practically all of Europe. Hence, they baptized this drink with the name “brandewijn” or burnt wine. It is said that this distinguished liquor appeared when a Dutch merchant cancelled his order, which caused problems in its storage. He decided to store it in sherry casks, which remained in storage for several years. On contact with the wood, that wine gradually turned into an alcohol of a magnificent color and very aromatic, becoming what we now call brandy. It is one of the distillates with the greatest history and renown. That is why we would like to introduce you to our Brandy Maximiliano, a brandy that stands out within our wide range of distillates.

Maximiliano brandy is one of the most prestigious brandies due to the way it is obtained. It is made from the best holandas and wine distillates, and its careful aging takes place in oak casks specially selected for this purpose. In the end, this long process results in a long-awaited product. A distillate with an intense aroma and a particularly consistent flavor.

One of the characteristics of Brandy Maximiliano is that you can drink it however you like, as it can be served at any time.

To fully enjoy its flavor, it is advisable to use thin and transparent crystal balloon glasses. And of course, always with a responsible consumption due to its high alcohol content.

Excellence and prestige become brandy to satisfy the most demanding palates. Enjoy a sensation you will never tire of with every sip. Brandy Maximiliano is the best choice for the homogeneity of its texture and its high and unquestionable quality. If you are one of those who always ask for the best, ask for Brandy Maximiliano. We assure you that this caramel-colored drink will not leave you indifferent. Don’t hesitate, Brandy Maximiliano is made for you. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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