Baoruco Mojito Rum

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From the hand of the delicious BAORUCO Rum comes the popular cocktail originally from Cuba, already prepared as a mojito that contains in its essence all the flavors of the Caribbean. 70 cl.
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From the hand of the delicious Ron Baoruco comes the most popular and original cocktail of Cuba. Still don’t know which one it is? It is the Mojito. We offer it to you in a preparation made with our best rum. A bottle that contains in its interior the essence of all the flavors of the Caribbean.


The mojito is one of the most classic and famous cocktails in existence, but do you know how to prepare it? First, place ½ lime cut into 4 pieces and 4 mint leaves in a glass. Then, press them to extract all their juice. Finally, fill the glass with lots of crushed ice and that’s it! You can serve this delicious Mojito Baoruco with a little soda, all chilled, and you will succeed.


If you are one of those who prefer a smooth distillate in alcohol content, choose Baoruco Mojito as your best option. We offer you a new way to enjoy one of the most popular drinks in the easiest way.


Refreshing and with a perfect and precise combination between the strength of rum and the sweetness of sugar. Baoruco Mojito is made for you. A more than delicious drink to please palates that can’t get enough of the good stuff.

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