Icelandic Caramel Vodka

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Icelandic Caramel vodka is a sweet vodka liqueur in which the caramel stands out intensely in the mouth, elaborated with a slow cooking of sugars, noticing then the excellent base of Icelandic vodka, the final result is a smooth and delicious liqueur. 70 cl.

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Icelandic Caramel Vodka is a sweet tooth’s dream. For those who enjoy vodka and prefer it with a special touch.

It is made from a slow and elaborate cooking of sugars that provides the main element of this liqueur: caramel. If we also add our usual Icelandic vodka base, the final result we get is a smooth and delicious liqueur, something magnificent to drink after dinner with the best company.


You can drink Icelandic Caramel Vodka in many different ways, as it is excellent in all its variants. On the rocks or as a shot, and it is also exquisite with milkshakes or many other cold drinks. From the team of Licores Sinc, we would like to share with you one of our most precious and exclusive recipes in cocktails, so that you can also enjoy the best. It’s simple and bold, don’t miss any of the steps:

Get a bottle of Icelandic Caramel. Fill 1 part of your glass with it and another part with very cold milk. Then add some coffee beans, and to intensify the flavor, add a cinnamon stick and a twist of lemon. You got it! As a final detail, serve it very cold and it will be a sure success.


Once you try it, you will not be able to escape the unmistakable sweetness of this combination. It is a cocktail prepared to take you by the hand to the most complete intimacy. Let yourself go and enjoy Icelandic Caramel Vodka in all its essence. Embrace the unmistakable texture of the best caramel with the original vodka as always.

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