Cerol Coffee (100cl)

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Cerol coffee liqueur: tradition and modernity in the same product. A product originating in the 19th century, which has remained present in several generations since then.

Among the processes for the elaboration of liqueur coffee, the elaboration of the traditional Cerol liqueur coffee stands out. Unlike other coffee liquor manufacturers, the coffee bean used for this beverage comes raw to our facilities. This means that we roast it ourselves slowly and in the traditional style. In this way we get the most out of the aroma and flavor of the great protagonist of this spirit.

Cerol liqueur coffee is a product elaborated by maceration of arabica coffee varieties. Each one of these varieties is selected by our master coffee growers according to our secret recipe. All this allows us to achieve an inimitable beverage known on a large scale. In addition, its high quality is endorsed by the Regulatory Council of Traditional Spirits of Alicante, which guarantees its recognized prestige.

It is currently consumed as an aperitif, or as a nightcap, although you can also combine it with various soft drinks or slushies. Whatever your taste, our Cerol coffee snack adapts to you, providing you with a unique and exclusive flavor.

Recommendations. Cerol is ideal for multiple combinations, here are some of them:

– Plisplay. Cerol combined with cola, in a tube glass, 40% Cerol coffee liqueur and 60% cola. Ideal as an aperitif or as a drink.

– Burret. Cerol combined with cola and ice, in a tube glass with a couple of ice cubes, 40% Cerol coffee liqueur and 60% cola. Ideal as an aperitif or as a drink.

– Lies. Cerol combined with granulated lemon, 1/3 Cerol coffee liqueur and 2/3 granulated lemon. The most refreshing and delicious drink.

– Cerol combined with soda, 40% Cerol coffee liqueur and 60% soda. Ideal as an aperitif.

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