Herbal liqueur Geruch Berg 70 cl

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Geruch Berg is a delicious liqueur made with a wide variety of herbs such as licorice, anise, ginger or juniper berries, which give it a very original aroma and flavor. Geruch Berg is recommended to drink very cold.
Graduation: 35%.

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Geruch Berg is the liqueur that offers you an exquisite symphony of specially selected herbs. Its slow and careful maceration process gives Geruch Berg magnificent unique properties that give it a very characteristic flavor.

Licorice, anise, ginger or juniper berries are some of the ingredients used in this intense and fantastic drink.

This exquisite liqueur contains a great variety of herbs. One of their greatest secrets is that the soil, climate and water of their place of origin have a tremendous influence on their flavor. These qualities are essential to give our Geruch Berg product a unique character that other herbal liqueurs cannot afford.

Geruch Berg is recommended to drink very cold, it is ideal on many occasions, both after meals or as a drink, and you can take it as you like, a very cold shot or glass with ice.

As demonstrated, Geruch Berg goes far beyond its use for pure enjoyment. It is capable of satisfying your palate while surprising you with its harmony of herbal flavors and aromas.

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