Absinthe Classic 55 (100cl)

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Made according to the old formula, Absinthe Classic 55º contains a high amount of thujones. With an intense and complex flavor, it can be taken alone, with water and with granitas, although surely the traditional ritual using a perforated spoon and sugar is the most authentic way to enjoy it.
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Absinthe Classic 55º is a spectacular absinthe with an intense red color, made in the traditional way with the following components:

Wormwood, or Artemisia absinthium, belongs to the daisy family. Also called “holy herb”, this plant is native to the temperate regions of Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Another of the plants that make up the classic Serpis absinthe is fennel, which often grows wild along the Mediterranean coast. It is a perennial and highly aromatic herb, cultivated for use in gastronomy.

Finally, anise is an herb from Southwest Asia and the eastern Mediterranean basin. Distillation of its seeds releases a volatile oil that is used in the treatment of digestive disorders.

Made according to the old formula, Absinthe Classic 5 is considered one of the most complex on the international market due to its high content of thujones. Thujone is an essential oil from wormwood and many other plants that has antibacterial, emmenagogue and convulsant properties. However, it has caused controversy due to its hallucinogenic side effects.

The 55º Absinthe Classic has an intense and complex flavour, making it suitable for drinking on its own, with water or granitas. However, the most appropriate way to enjoy it is still through the traditional ritual: spoon with perforations and a sugar cube on top, serving the absinthe by soaking the lump, then setting it on fire to then pour cold water to taste through this spoon to reduce the content.

One of the drinks that leaves no one indifferent. Faithful inspiring great artists of the 19th century, and controversial due to its effects, Absinthe Classic 55º never misses an appointment.

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