Peach and Whisky Liqueur

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North Glens Whisky Peach is a classic combination of peach and malt flavors, integrating in the same product the velvety and delicate flavor of peach with the toasted touches of malt.

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In our Online Liquor Store you will find North Glens Whisky Peach, one of the few liqueurs whose peach aroma is acquired through a distillation process in traditional copper stills, using for its production a selection of the best peaches from our Mediterranean lands with the toasted touches of the malt.

This elaboration process gives North Glens Whisky Peach an intense peach aroma with strong reminiscences of whisky, giving it a peculiar flavor that combines the sweet touches of peach with the exquisite and strong malt flavor.

North Glens Whisky Peach has an energetic brownish-crystalline color due to its components.

North Glens Whisky Peach is a low alcoholic strength liqueur, ideal to drink very fresh in a shot or in a long glass on the rocks.

It also works perfectly in the world of cocktails to give a special touch to the combinations.

North Glens Whisky Peach is a liqueur with a different sweetness, ideal to drink after any meal or as a nightcap or chilled shot.

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