Cerol Red Coffee

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Café Cerol Rojo is elaborated by the maceration of arabica coffees selected by our master roasters according to a recipe that remains unalterable.

Red Cerol is one of the varieties of our liqueur coffee and one of our most characteristic Cerol signature products. It is produced in a traditional and exclusive artisanal way. Like the rest of its range, it is made by macerating Arabica coffees selected by our master roasters.

From the treatment of its raw materials until the product is ready for consumption, Degrados is committed to tradition, transparency, rigor and the highest quality. Cerol Rojo liqueur coffee is the result of a recipe that remains unalterable, unique and reserved for this peculiar beverage.

The intensity of the coffee’s flavor is combined with the characteristic smoothness that you will find in Cerol Rojo liqueur coffee. Exclusive for sophisticated palates of those who enjoy the smoothest variety of our range of liqueur coffees. Enjoy the flavor and quality of the traditional Cerol with one degree less.

Recommendations. Cerol Red is ideal for multiple combinations, here are some of them:

– Plisplay. Cerol Rojo combined with cola, in a tube glass, 40% Cerol Rojo coffee liqueur and 60% cola. Ideal as an aperitif or as a drink.

– Burret. Cerol Rojo combined with cola and ice, in a tube glass with a couple of ice cubes, 40% Cerol Rojo coffee liqueur and 60% cola. Ideal as an aperitif or as a drink.

– Lies. Cerol Rojo combined with granulated lemon, 1/3 of Cerol Rojo liqueur coffee and 2/3 of granulated lemon. The most refreshing and delicious drink.

– Cerol Rojo combined with soda, 40% Cerol Rojo coffee liqueur and 60% soda. Ideal as an aperitif.

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