Whiskey, Cinnamon and Chilli Liqueur

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Mouth Vulcan Hot is bottled fire. A cinnamon liqueur with whiskey and a touch of chili pepper, with a mild aroma, unleashes all its passion and intensity with its spicy touch.

Mouth Vulcan Hot is our whiskey liqueur. A cinnamon liqueur with whiskey and a touch of chili pepper, with a soft aroma thanks to the cinnamon. This Degrados whiskey liqueur has a graduation of 30º and is mainly drunk neat. To delight. First, with its intense flavor and, second, for its milder taste, thanks to the cinnamon.

This combination of flavors, offers an ecstasy of taste. Unleashing all the passion and intensity of whiskey combined with the spicy touch of chili. Afterwards, the soft touch of cinnamon allows our throat to recover from an intense and unrepeatable experience. Whisky, cinnamon and chili, the most explosive combination for the palate.

A whiskey suitable for the brave. For those who are eager to try new experiences and new flavors. For Whisky lovers who are looking for new flavors and new variants every day. Mouth Vulcan Hot, strong and spicy, has the essence of fire incorporated, considered as “bottled fire“.

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