Orujo Honey

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The delicious honey, fruit of the Mediterranean flowers, provides an excellent combination to the aguardiente de orujo. Thanks to it, we obtain an intensely flavored but sweet orujo, suitable for more delicate palates. After dinner and served very cold, Orujo Miel is perfect.

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Prestigio Gran Licor de Orujo Miel is a surprising drink. It is the perfect fusion between our high quality orujo, distilled by hand in copper stills to selectively extract the aromatic components in the marc, with Mediterranean honey collected by beekeepers in the province of Alicante, obtaining as a result this liqueur with the caramel amber color of honey.

In Prestigio honey pomace liqueur, the pomace is divinely balanced with the peculiar texture of the honey, resulting in a liqueur with a round and pleasant honey aroma with notable fruity and herbal hints from the pomace. In the mouth, the warm sensation of the pomace is attenuated by the sweetness of the honey that invades the palate.

Honey marc liqueur is perfect for after-dinner drinks served chilled.

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