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Negroni, the liqueur that perfectly blends red vermouth, gin and campari.

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Discover the Negroni, a true revolution for the world of Cocktail. Negroni combines red vermouth, dry gin and campari to perfection.

Our elaborate process integrates a Mixture of Origins whose main ingredients are:

  • 1/3 Muscat of Alexandria wine macerated with herbs such as absinthe, gentian, cinnamon and dittany from Crete.
  • 1/3 infusion of bitter herbs, grated fruit, and rinds. Quinine, rhubarb, bitter orange, grapefruit, ginger.
  • 1/3 infusion of Nebrinas

Enlarging the complexity of our NEGRONI we adopt the evolution in the bottle, an innovative concept of continuous maceration caused by the transfer of flavors and aromas of toasted oak, provided by Oak Master® stoppers.

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