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It is a drink that combines wine and absinthe with a large number of botanicals, herbs, roots, barks, flowers, fruits and spices. This drink is a balanced mix between sweet and bitter, the result of its flavor may vary a little according to its manufacturers. That is why, in addition to the Red Vermouth; which is the original par excellence, we can also find the White Vermouth and the Rosé Vermouth.


Herbero is a spirit drink based on expressly selected aromatic herbs macerated in a mixture of anise.


Mistela is a liqueur made with a mixture of grape must and alcohol. It is important to note that the mistela is not a wine. Generally sweet in taste, it is eaten as an accompaniment to desserts.

Signature wines

A signature wine is characterized by being supervised in the different phases of its elaboration, cultivation, harvest, fermentation, aging, bottling, conservation and even marketing, by an expert in oenology with the aim of creating a unique and inimitable wine, it is say, totally personal.

Thus, the professional winemaker is the one who meticulously takes care of each of the aspects that influence winemaking, reflecting his technical knowledge, his way of working, his preferences, his experiences, his style and his personality in it.

Author beers

They are beers made with barley malt to which no sugars are added, neither are corn, rice or other substances. They also do not carry artificial additives or preservatives.

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