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Archaeological evidence suggests that wine production in Valencia dates back more than a thousand years, but the region has never held a particularly prominent place on the world wine map. In the modern era, Valencia wine production has focused more on quantity than quality, although this is gradually changing.

In addition to the appellation of origin Valencia, this province also contains the Denomination of Origin Utiel-Requena.

Denomination of Valencian origin

The laws of the DO Valencia are supervised by the local Regulatory Council, created in 1957. The denomination of origin of Valencia covers 13,000 hectares, divided into two different geographical areas.

The smallest area, Clarino, is located about 65 kilometers southwest of the city of Valencia, bordering the northern limit of the DO Alicante area. The meaty red wines made with the Monastrell, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties are the specialty of this area.

The largest area, where most of the vineyards are located, is in the interior of the city. It extends to the north and west in the foothills of the Iberian System mountain range.

The Valencia region can be subdivided into three production zones. The first, Alto Turia, is located about 70 kilometers northeast of the city of Valencia. As its name suggests, it is an elevated area centered on the upper reaches of the Turia River.

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Signature wines

A signature wine is characterized by being supervised in the different phases of its elaboration, cultivation, harvest, fermentation, aging, bottling, conservation and even marketing, by an expert in oenology with the aim of creating a unique and inimitable wine, it is say, totally personal.

Thus, the professional winemaker is the one who meticulously takes care of each of the aspects that influence winemaking, reflecting his technical knowledge, his way of working, his preferences, his experiences, his style and his personality in it.

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