Gilkon’s Gin

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Gilkon’s gin is distilled following the old production process, with its pure nebrina flavor without the addition of aromatic perfumes or flavors from grain spirit.

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From Degrados we present you a special gin. It is our Gilkon’s Gin, a gin that far exceeds all expectations. It is a distilled beverage that follows an ancient production process. Gilkon’s is an authentic London Dry Gin that offers a pure nebrina flavor, without the addition of aromatic perfumes or flavors from grain spirits.

Gin is one of the most popular and sought-after distilled beverages, the value of gin today is something that has been building since the 16th century. We assure you that no other brand will make you enjoy as much as Gilkon’s gin if you are a lover of traditional and classic London Dry Gin. Don’t wait any longer to try it if you haven’t already done so. Believe us when we tell you that you will not be disappointed at all.

Tasting notes: Gilkon’s has the balanced taste of the authentic and traditional London Dry Gin. The nose is slightly balsamic, highlighting the special touch of juniper native to the Sierra de Mariola and the aroma of ripe citrus. The palate is clean, light and dry, perceiving juniper, citrus and slightly coriander.

Recommendations: Gilkon’s gin is a dry distillate that can be drunk as you like it. You can enjoy its flavor on its own or with ice, this way you will appreciate it more intensely. If not, you can also mix it with other drinks to change the touch according to the moment or the day.

In Degrados we advise you some of the most popular options of cocktails with gin. You can mix it with soda, with orange flavor, natural lemon juice, pieces of very sour lime, grape must or with pomegranate or cherry juice… If you are a classic drinker, accompany Gilkon’s with the most original soda. Nobody is able to escape a good gintonic. It is recommended for a perfect Gin Tonic server 5 cl. of Gilkon’s gin and 20 cl. of tonic.

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