Icelandic Orange Vodka

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Icelandic Orange Vodka is a smooth liqueur based on the unmistakable Icelandic vodka, combined with the most well-known and aromatic Mediterranean fruit, the orange. 70 cl.

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It is a smooth liqueur from the Icelandic range, made from the firm’s unmistakable vodka. It is combined in a special way and has the aromatic and unmistakable touch of orange. All this results in an intense and delicious liqueur, with the flavor of our usual Icelandic vodka and one of the most popular fruits.


Because of its exotic characteristics, Icelandic Orange Vodka can do a lot. It is a very suitable distillate to take alone with ice or very cold in shot. We would like to share with you one of our recipes in exclusive combinations for you to enjoy this wonderful drink. Follow it step by step and become a professional:

First, as always, lots of crushed ice. Next, mix 1 part Icelandic Orange Vodka with ½ part original Icelandic Vodka. To finish, add ¼ part Grenadine Syrup with ¼ part pineapple juice and as much brown sugar as you like.

Try it, the preparation is very simple and it is a unique and intense cocktail that will make you vibrate. You will get a perfect, delicious and surprising combination of 50% sweet and 50% sour. Unmatched!


If you are one of those who enjoy adventure, you release adrenaline from every pore of your skin and you like to live every moment in a very intense way, Icelandic Orange Vodka is, without a doubt, the perfect liqueur for you. In addition, thanks to its low alcohol content, you can combine it as you like, in multiple ways, giving a personal touch to your favorite distillates. With Icelandic Orange Vodka you will get the taste you were waiting for and that no other can achieve.

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