Dominican Rum 21

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The ultimate expression of Dominican purity and tradition in the slow aging of the finest cane spirits is Ron Baoruco 21. 70 cl.
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Buy Premium Dominican Cane Rum – Licorería OnlineRon Baoruco 21 is the ultimate expression of Dominican purity and tradition in the aging of the finest cane spirits. Coming from a pioneer in the elaboration of this drink, our rum had to be up to the task.


It is obtained through a slow and slow process, based on an original formula and a series of traditional and rigorous Dominican-style standards. A fundamental part of rum fermentation is molasses, a derivative of sugar cane that converts sugar cane sucrose into alcohol. This plant becomes the most important raw material in the elaboration of rum, since the aroma, flavor and personality of the rum will depend on it.

Next, spring water of the highest purity is added, whose very high quality is of great importance in the production of this Baoruco 21 Rum.

Then begins the distillation process in a still to remove impurities in the alcohol. It should be noted that this process, of great tradition in the production of rum, is reserved for obtaining products of great complexity and proven quality.

Finally, the aging process takes place in American oak barrels. Oxygen from the air passes through the pores of the barrel, oxidizing alcohols into aldehydes and aldehydes into acids. In addition, the small size of these barrels gives their contents elegant aromas such as vanilla and defined bodies.


Throughout the entire production process, the aim is to obtain the distinguished flavor of Baoruco 21.

The final product is a premium quality rum, of which a very limited and controlled production is carried out. Baoruco products are distillates that are a treat for the palate, and this 21 rum is the premium delicacy.

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