Icelandic Vodka

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Icelandic is made according to the artisanal method of vodka, it is a very clean vodka that has an intense and characteristic taste in the mouth with notes of cereals perfectly integrated with the alcohol and a very fine aroma. 70 cl.
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Only the selection of refined cereals and crystal clear waters achieve such a neutral and pure product. Icelandic Vodka is fortunate to be made according to an artisanal method, which gives it the best flavor. As it is produced with the best care, the quality we offer is evident in every drop of this distillate.


Icelandic Vodka is perfect in all its range for the most expert palates in the world of distillates. Taste it and enjoy the texture that no other vodka has ever offered before.


Our Icelandic vodka is a fresh and balanced product, very suitable to drink neat, on the rocks or combined as you like. There are many options, adapt it to your personal tastes, and if you serve it very cold it is a sure winner.


This type of distillate is one of the most requested and never goes out of style. Icelandic vodka is sure to be the perfect base for the most sophisticated cocktails from now on.

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