Grenadine Syrup

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The traditional flavors of cocktails renewed and elaborated from the best cane sugars.

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The traditional flavors of cocktails, renewed and elaborated from the best cane sugars, make up our Grenadine Syrup.

To make a delicious soft drink different from the usual is as easy as diluting one part of Grenadine Syrup with three parts of very cold water, or if you prefer it carbonated with soda or soda.

In the world of cocktails, it plays a leading role, providing the characteristic red color of many cocktails and that exquisite and characteristic aroma and sweet taste. As an example among the most famous non-alcoholic cocktails we can highlight the San Francisco, made with lemon juice, pineapple juice, orange juice and Grenadine syrup.

In addition, the delicious sweet taste of Grenadine Syrup makes it suitable for use in the preparation of different culinary recipes, as well as in various desserts or as an accompaniment to ice cream and pastries.

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