Aniseed Seed 70cl.

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Aniseed Seed is a drink with a unique character and a modern and innovative image. Anís Seed is the Premium dry aniseed, of the highest quality, with an artisanal distillation process in copper stills.
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From the Degrados team we would like to introduce you to our Anise Seed. It is one of the highest proof and most popular beverages in existence. Anise gets its name from the fruit of the plant from which it is usually made.

Our Anise Seed is a drink with a unique character and a modern and profoundly innovative image. The distillation process that follows is entirely handmade, in copper stills. This process also involves a meticulous selection of aniseed grains grown throughout the national Mediterranean basin.

These characteristics, typical of quality distillates, give Anis Seed its particular smoothness and powerful flavor. It is undoubtedly an exclusive and highly elaborated product, the Premium aniseed capable of satisfying even the most demanding palate.

Seed is the aniseed distillate that leaves no one indifferent when tasted. Like the rest of our wide range of beverages, there are several ways to drink Anise Seed. You can enjoy its authentic flavor drinking it on its own or with ice, or if you prefer, mixing it with other types of beverages. Among the most famous aniseed cocktails are “la paloma”, a mixture of aniseed with very cold water, or the so-called “sol y sombra”, a combination of aniseed and brandy.

Enjoy every grade of Anís Seed with responsible consumption. Let yourself go every time you consume this exclusive distillate and savor all its texture on your palate. It is a very particular drink, smooth and premium in national consumption. We are sure you will like Anís Seed and it will become your companion in many of your most precious moments.

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