Sancho coffee liqueur

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Sancho liqueur coffee has an intense aroma and flavor of the best Arabica coffee, being very smooth on the palate. For the elaboration of Sancho liqueur coffee, our coffee masters make a selection of the best Arabica coffees from different origins in order to obtain the exquisite flavor that characterizes it. The coffee beans are roasted in our facilities in the traditional and ancestral way and then macerated for the necessary time.

Sancho coffee liqueur is an ideal product to drink on its own, or to combine with soft drinks or slush drinks. Some of the best known combinations are: Burret (Sancho liqueur coffee with cola), plisplay (Sancho liqueur coffee with cola) or lie (Sancho liqueur coffee with slushy lemon).

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Elaborated by our coffee masters applying the artisan tradition of roasting and maceration. The first aspect to highlight is the main ingredient: coffee, 100% gourmet Arabica. Unlike other manufacturers of coffee snacks or liqueur coffee, the coffee beans used come raw to our facilities and we roast them ourselves in a slow, traditional style. In this way we get the maximum aroma and flavor to the great protagonist of this spirit.

Once the roasted grain is obtained, it is macerated with high quality alcohol in tanks prepared to contain and prepare the product that will be bottled.

Coffee appetizer: craftsmanship and modernity in the same product.

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