Traditional Liqueurs Mesclaet 100cl.

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Mesclaet is a delicious drink that arises as a result of the combination of two emblematic traditional liqueurs from Alicante, Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola and Cantueso.

Mesclaet is an excellent herbal liqueur resulting from the ancestral customs of our ancestors of combining two traditional liquors from Alicante: the Herbero de la Sierra de Mariolaan aniseed-flavored spirit obtained by distillation and maceration of herbs and plants such as fennel, sage, chamomile, pennyroyal and up to 15 aromatic varieties harvested in the Sierra de Mariola area. the Cantuesoobtained by distillation and maceration of the flower and stalk of the lavender plant.

From this combination we obtain Mesclaet, a very special liqueur, with a crystalline amber appearance, with an exquisite wild aroma provided by the great variety of herbs and aromatic plants that compose it, with a delicious warm and velvety botanical flavor, being very attractive in the mouth and with an aniseed background.

For a perfect tasting it is recommended to serve it in a small glass or shot glass at room temperature or chilled.

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