Herbal pomace

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An excellent combination of aguardiente de orujo, with the always special aroma of various aromatic plants from the Sierra de Mariola natural park. The result: Orujo de Hierbas of extraordinary flavor that, served very cold, is ideal to enjoy during the after-dinner conversation.

Prestigio is the only herbal pomace made with a profuse variety of botanical species collected in the area of the Sierra de Mariola natural park in the interior of the province of Alicante, such as fennel, sage, chamomile, pennyroyal, etc., macerated with our traditional pomace and sweetened with sugars.

The result is Prestigio, Orujo de Hierbas of extraordinary flavor, of a bright greenish yellow color, very clean, in nose it is evident the great variety of aromatic herbs that surround the fruity notes of the orujo, in mouth it balances in a masterful way the soft heat of the orujo with the wild flavor so pleasant that provide the herbs and a moderate sweet flavor, served very cold, it is ideal to enjoy it during the after-dinner conversation after a good meal.

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