Liqueur Coffee Irish Cream Keran’s

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From the best raw materials, we have elaborated an exquisite sweet liqueur with an intense aroma of coffee.

As a result of our experience in the world of coffee, the best 100% Arabica beans are selected, roasted and macerated. The result of this maceration is mixed with milk cream, whiskey and light touches of chocolate and cream.

To obtain a distinguished coffee flavor, Keran’s only includes in its formula the most select varieties of 100% Arabica coffee: Brazil, Colombia Pico Cristóbal, Kenya and Papua Guinea are the chosen ones.

To obtain the best flavor from each variety, an individual roast is carried out for each type of bean, adjusting the temperature to the properties of the type of coffee.

To impregnate Keran’s with all the flavor and tradition of Ireland, only whiskey and malt of Irish origin are used.

From the union of a process that attends to the smallest details and quality ingredients, the result can only be exceptional. A very creamy drink, with soft touches of chocolate, barrel and whiskey on the nose, hints of wood and hints of cream, chocolate and vanilla on the palate.

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