Aguardiente de orujo Prestige

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The tradition of artisan distillation allows for the selective extraction of aromatic components in the pomace, giving the product an unmistakable intensity and aroma for the most discerning palates. For this reason, Aguardiente de Orujo is perfect to drink very cold during the after-dinner conversation.

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The aguardiente de Orujo Prestigio is obtained by fermentation and distillation of selected grape marc and lees, i.e. the solid parts of the grape harvest, such as grape skins, seeds and bunch ends, distilling in traditional copper stills with the appropriate separation of heads and tails, at a slow and steady pace to allow a selective extraction of the aromatic components of the marc.

All this makes Prestigio a very high quality aguardiente de orujo, with a very clean, crystalline and brilliant appearance, with an intense aroma coming from the grape with herbal and fruity notes in harmony, in the mouth after an appealing sensation of warmth it leaves a torrent of delicious sensations and aromas.

The aguardiente de orujo Prestigio is perfect for after-dinner drinks, chilled in a glass after a good meal.



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