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Valencian Red Wines: Authentic, Fun and with Character

Valencian red wines are a true delight for all palates. They have a unique character, which is due to the Mediterranean climate in which the grapes are grown. These wines are also fun, as there are many varieties to experiment with. In addition, this region has a wide variety of grapes that allows the creation of unique and signature wines that are gaining importance on the national and international scene.

Valencian wines

According to the Peñín Guide, considered the best wine guide in Spain, it has highlighted the quality of 46 Valencian wines , which have been awarded the highest score (between 90 and 95 points).

At the Brussels World Wine Contest, held in September, a total of 18 awards have been given to various Valencian wineries.

Valencia has been known for its wine since pre-Roman times, although it will acquire greater development with Romanisation. The Romans were great consumers of the liquid and mixed it with water to drink as well; however, they also discovered that boiling the wort for periods of time can achieve some pretty good results – one such result is what we call “wines”.

Valencia is a region with ideal climatic conditions , which provide a diverse soil. Depending on the altitude and proximity to the coast, it can be clayey or sandy. This favors the cultivation of different types of grapes; among them there are some autochthonous varieties that produce an excellent wine of the style known locally as “Vino de la Tierra”.

The following list identifies the authorized appellations for wines produced from each variety.

Bobal- A Valencian grape

Requena is a grape variety found in the region near Valencia, Spain. The name of Requena comes from the Latin “bovale” which means ox due to its large berries that have been known to grow this fruit since the 14th century AD.

In addition, its late budding allows growers greater control over the timing of the oxen harvest, necessary to avoid damage caused by frost, while other varieties can be lost even before reaching the flowering stage.

Bobal is a red grape variety that is grown in the Utiel-Requena region, in Valencia, Spain. Bobal is a very typical grape from this area as it produces wines with a unique character.

The main characteristic of bobal is its high tannin content, which gives it a strong flavor. Due to this, it is recommended to serve it with main dishes and game.

grenache grape

The Garnacha grape is one of the most used in the wines of the entire Valencian Community. This ancient variety was cultivated for the first time 3,000 years ago by the Kingdom of the Crown of Aragon between the 12th and 17th centuries BC, spreading its cultivation throughout the Mediterranean lands, including Sardinia, where we now find it too And just as our ancestors before us, the Spanish have long been mixing their famous bottles with this wonderful little friend… producing a high alcohol content (15º) that makes them perfect to drink on cold winter nights.

They are wines prone to oxidation. It does not have many tannins and color, so this grape is usually mixed with others such as Syrah or Tempranillo.

The Syrah grape, also known as Shiraz, adds color and body to the wine. It is usually used in coupage with cabernet and merlot.

tempranillo grape

The Tempranillo grape is the second most cultivated grape in Utiel Requena.

The meaning of its name comes from its ability to ripen early, before most of the other grapes on the Spanish viticultural map can be successfully harvested; he also has a thick skin and a jet black color, like many of the inhabitants of Utiel Requena themselves! Its fine seeds are widely planted in a variety of regions, as this hardy breed withstands heat or cold well in almost any climate imaginable, even those where traditional agriculture is no longer practiced, such as New York City (although they would probably taste better if grown closer together).

Monastrell grape

The Monastrell grape is a sweet and powerful variety originally from the Levante area. It has been used for centuries by the wine growers of this region, who appreciate it for its high quality wines with an intense ruby color that are often very alcoholic due to their strong level of tannins when grown in warm years, making them perfect candidates as vintage drinks!

Signature wines

These wines are the result of a complicated process, in which time and patience play an important role. They have been elaborated with great care so that each one has its unique flavor responding only to what its creator has done – there is no other rule stronger than this objective when creating them.

A signature wine can be identified by these things: among other variables such as the vintage or the region; they will also convey the effort that has been made to make it clear even before taking the first sip of the glass.

Best Valencian red wines

Give an answer to the question: What is the best Valencian red wine? it is very complicated because in this answer personal tastes of each one would come into play. Therefore, what we are going to do is show you a signature Valencia red wine that you may not know but that will not leave you indifferent.

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