What is Vermouth and what are its properties?

Vermouth is a traditional European drink that is characterized by its bitter and aromatic taste. It is prepared from white wine, wormwood, and other bitter herbs, and is served during aperitifs. Three main varieties can be found on the market: red, white and dry. Each one has its own flavor and characteristics.

Origin of Vermouth

Vermouth has its origins in the Turin region of Italy. There, in the 18th century, a drink based on white wine and wormwood called vermouth was prepared. The mixture of herbs gave it a special flavor, which made it suitable to accompany cocktails or aperitifs.

This type of drink spread throughout Europe and was gaining popularity. Today, vermouth is a very popular drink in Spain , where three main varieties are prepared: red (or rosso), white (or bianco), and dry (dry).

What does Vermouth taste like?

Vermouth has a bitter and aromatic flavor, characteristic of European wines. The mixture of herbs gives it a special touch, which makes it suitable to accompany cocktails or aperitifs.


Wormwood is an herb native to Europe and Asia, which is used to prepare the traditional European drink called vermouth or wine macerated in herbs. Absinthe has a bitter and aromatic taste, characteristic of European wines.

Vermouth Varieties

There are three main varieties: red (or rosso), white (or bianco) and dry (dry). Each one has its own flavor and characteristics.

  • Red vermouth: Red vermouth is the most popular, as it has a strong and characteristic flavor.
  • White vermouth : white vermouth is less bitter than red, and is prepared with quality white wine.
  • Dry vermouth: dry vermouth is the most delicate, since it does not contain sugar or caramel. It has a herbal flavor and is perfect to accompany fish or white meat.

The main benefits of Vermouth

Digestive: vermouth has digestive properties, so it is recommended to take it after eating to facilitate digestion.

Antioxidant: wormwood is an herb with antioxidant properties, so vermouth has health benefits.

Toning: vermouth is a toning drink, which means that it helps to strengthen the body.

Medicinal: Wormwood has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It is believed to have healing properties for various ailments, including insomnia and digestive disorders.

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