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Discovering the charm of Mistela and Vermouth

Mistela, a sweet and aromatic liqueur made from grapes, is a traditionally Spanish elixir that captivates with its unique flavor and richness of nuances. On the other hand, Vermouth, with its blend of herbs and spices, is an aperitif that has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its complexity of flavors and its ability to transform any cocktail into an exceptional experience.

La Mistela: Elegance in sweetness

Mistela, a liqueur made from grape must, stands out for its balanced sweetness and smooth texture. Its elaboration process, where the fermentation of the grapes is stopped with the addition of alcohol, preserves the natural sugars, giving it a characteristic sweet character.

With a wide range of variants, from the traditional Mistela to more elaborate versions with different grape varieties such as Muscatel, this liqueur is appreciated for its versatility in cocktails and its ability to enhance desserts and accompany special moments with its elegance and unmistakable flavor.

Types of mistelas

Mistelas offer a wide range of flavors, from the traditional white Mistelas made from grape varieties such as Moscatel, which stand out for their mild sweetness and captivating floral aromas, to the red Mistelas, more intense and richer in fruity and spicy nuances. In addition, Mistelas aged in oak barrels bring a unique complexity with notes of vanilla and caramel, while Mistelas from less common varieties, such as Garnacha, offer bold and vibrant taste profiles.

Vermouth: Elegance and complexity in every sip

Vermouth, on the other hand, is an icon in the world of aperitifs. Its wine base blended with herbs, spices and botanicals offers a unique complexity of flavors. From the initial sweetness to the bitter and herbal touches, Vermouth stimulates the senses and is the star ingredient in classic and modern cocktails. Vermouth’s versatility makes it the ideal companion for any occasion, from casual aperitifs to elaborate high-end cocktails, always adding a touch of sophistication to every mix.

Types of Vermouth

The world of Vermouth encompasses a variety of options, from dry and semi-dry Vermouths with citrus and herbal notes, ideal as an aperitif, to sweet Vermouths that stand out for their bitter touches and balance between herbs and spices. The red vermouths, with their complex flavors of ripe fruit and caramel, contrast with the lighter and fresher white vermouths, offering a range of options for all palates. In addition, Vermouths enriched with local ingredients such as wormwood, orange peel or cloves, provide an additional depth of flavor and a unique experience in each drink.

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