Coffee pomace

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If we combine the distinguished flavor of the best arabica coffees with our extraordinary Prestigio pomace brandy, the result is a splendid coffee pomace. Magnificent resource for after-dinner drinks.

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Gran Orujo Prestige Coffee Liqueur is the result of the perfect combination of our orujo, obtained by fermentation and distillation of selected grape marc and lees and distilled in traditional copper stills, and the infusion of coffee, the result of a careful blend of the best Arabica coffees in the world, from which the raw coffee beans arrive at our facilities. Our master coffee makers roast them slowly, in the traditional style, in order to obtain their maximum flavor and aroma.

All this makes Prestigio an unmistakable coffee pomace, of an intense and brilliant black color, with an exquisite aroma of the blend of arabica coffees that floods the nose with fruity memories of the pomace, in the mouth it is clear the distinguished flavor of the good coffees that floods the palate mixing with the appealing sensation of heat of the pomace.

Prestigio coffee marc is ideal to drink chilled after dinner.

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