Spanish liquors

Spain is known for its festive atmosphere and its people who like to party and move their skeletons. What can we do, we are people who don’t like to be bored. A good companion in any party are liquors and different alcoholic beverages. Always with caution, reaching that little happy point in a special event, with nice people around you, is the definition of having a good time.
The most popular liqueurs among Spaniards

Not all of us know how to differentiate which are the liqueurs within the group of distilled spirits. Usually, they are those beverages made from different herbs, spices or fruits. What is true is that new flavors are produced every year, and creamy ones have recently become more popular. But so that you can attend the different parties in Madrid with a range of options and without getting lost, we provide a list of the most consumed drinks in Spain:


Its manufacture is made with the plant called Pimpinella anisum and its image is similar to celery or parsley. It is obtained by distilling the plant in steam, whose method has been perfected. Its flavor is sour and the color can be yellowish or transparent. It usually has about 40º of alcohol and is used in numerous festivities, such as the Christmas season. The origin of its cultivation dates back to Egyptian times.


Brandy is an eau-de-vie obtained from the distillation and evaporation of wine, whose alcohol content normally varies between 36º and 40º. It was a Dutch chemist who discovered its formula in an attempt to reduce the cost of transporting and storing the drink. The most common in Spain are brandy from Jerez, Tomelloso and Penedés.

Liqueur 43

Its name originates from the mixture of 43 fruits, citrus fruits and different Mediterranean spices, obtaining a unique flavor. It has a yellowish color and sweet taste, although it is very versatile depending on what it is mixed with. Its alcohol content is 31º and it has been distributed since the last century from its headquarters in Cartagena.


It is a typical liqueur of the Basque area and very popular in the northern half of the country. It is obtained from the blackthorn bush with the base of aniseed-flavored brandy. The fruit is of a dark color, between black and blue, but the drink acquires a reddish tone. When it shines it means that it is young and when it is old it is opaque. A well-made pacharán should have an intense fruity aroma, not alcohol. It is a traditional drink whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages.


A hybrid between liqueur and wine, from which an aromatic pre-meal snack is obtained. Sweet and intense.


From the ferment of the grapes, mistela is extracted, sweet and refreshing after meals. Enjoy dessert with a glass of mistela.

Coffee liqueur

Macerated in coffee beans, this delicious and exciting liqueur fuses the best of both worlds for coffee lovers.

Great variety of Spanish liquors and Spanish alcohol

If with all the variety you have here, you are still not satisfied, there are many more very popular liqueurs in Spain. Do not hesitate to please your taste buds with their tasty aromas and incredible flavors.

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