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The most common alcoholic beverages in Spain from a Liquor Store

Spain is a country with a rich culture and history. And, like many other countries, its inhabitants enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages, in moderation. Whether at home or in a bar, certain types of alcohol are more popular in Spain than others. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common Spanish drinks and learn more about them.

But first let’s start by clarifying the concept.

What is considered an alcoholic beverage?

An alcoholic beverage is any beverage containing ethanol, which is the intoxicating agent found in beer, wine and liquor. It is important to note that not all alcoholic beverages are equal in terms of alcohol content. For example, beer usually has a lower alcohol content than wine or spirits.

Now that we know what an alcoholic beverage is in this case, let’s take a look at some of the most common types in Spain.

Types of alcoholic beverages in Spain

There are different types of alcoholic beverages, but the most common are beer, wine, followed by distillates and spirits.


Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Spain. There are many brands and types of beer, so there is something for everyone.

From more industrial beers to craft beers in Spain we find an infinite number of beers that will adapt to the tastes of each consumer.

We will identify the following beers as the most widespread in Spain:

  • Blonde
  • Toast
  • of Wheat
  • IPA
  • Artisanal


Spain is known for its wines, there are many regions of the country that produce wine and each one has its own characteristics.

For example, Rioja wines tend to be red and have a strong flavor, while Ribera del Duero wines are also red but with a fruitier flavor.

There are also white wines, such as Verdejo de Rueda, which has a fresh and floral flavor.

Valencian wines could not be missing in this post either, as this region is becoming increasingly popular for locations such as Utiel-Requena.

In general, Spanish wines are characterized by being of very good quality and affordable.

The most popular wines are red wine and white wine, although rosé wines are also popular.


Vermouth is a fortified wine, flavored with different herbs and spices.

It is usually served as an aperitif or to prepare cocktails such as the famous Martini.

There are different types of vermouth, but the most popular in Spain is probably red vermouth followed by white vermouth.

Want to learn more? See this post about Vermouth.


Distillates, as their name suggests, are made from the distillation process of fermented products such as fruits, vegetables and cereals.

These have a much higher alcohol content than wines and beers.

In Spain we can find different types of distilled beverages such as:

  • Ron
  • Gin
  • Whiskey
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Brandy

The most popular are rum and gin.


Last but not least, liquors. Liqueurs are flavored and sometimes sweetened alcoholic beverages.

Here are some of our recommendations of liqueurs that you will surely enjoy with family or friends.


Derived from grape must, mistela is a sweet and fruity liqueur.

It can be drunk alone or in combination with wine, which is known as claret of nuts.

It is an ideal alcoholic beverage for desserts or after-dinner drinks.

Find out more about Mistela.


It is a distilled beverage made from the remains of the wine process, such as the skins and seeds. It has a very strong flavor and aroma.

The most common is to find it in its pure variety or with flavors such as herbs, coffee… although we can also consume it in the cream variant.

Rice liquor

This liqueur has been very popular in recent years thanks to the fact that it combines a series of factors that make it irresistible.

Based on rice cream and a touch of cinnamon, the sweetness and aroma has become a great liqueur for closing lunches and dinners. You will hardly notice the alcoholic content in your mouth and it will remind you of the famous “Arroz con leche” (rice pudding) dessert. Why not try it?

Horchata Liqueur

From the creators of the rice liqueur, with an overwhelming success, the Horchata liqueur was born. As you can imagine it is very similar to the previous one but with tiger nuts instead of rice.

Here the question is: Are you more of rice or horchata?

This liqueur has been very well received in areas such as the Valencian Community.

Orange liqueur

The orange liqueur, also known as “Biri Biri” is a very aromatic orange liqueur. It is characterized for being sweet and refreshing, perfect for desserts or to drink alone.

This liqueur is traditionally made in areas such as Murcia and Alicante.

Coffee liqueur

As its name suggests, the coffee liqueur is made in an artisanal way from alcohol and coffee beans.

This liqueur is ideal to drink after a meal, as caffeine helps digestion.

It is characterized by an intense coffee flavor and is usually sweetened.

There are two classic variants, the coffee liqueur (or orujo) from the area of Galicia, and the coffee liqueur from the province of Alicante, which is usually combined with soda, cola or lemon granita.

Tequila and strawberry liqueur

Do you like fruity drinks? This liqueur is yours. Tequila and strawberry liqueur is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage with a light touch of tequila and a strong strawberry aroma.

Liqueur with chili pepper

If you like strong emotions, we bring you a less known but fun liqueur, combining whiskey, cinnamon and cayenne to create a unique experience. Do you dare?

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